2021 is such a special year when pandemic broke out, marked the maturity and outstanding development of SPLUS-SOFTWARE in technology software market.

SPLUS-SOFTWARE change to adapt to pandemic
Covid-19 pandemic has impacted seriously on every part of life. In Ho Chi Minh city, the cases were launched with the big scale in June. Pandemic has influenced directly on the spirit and activities of all members as well as the managers of the company when they work from home. At this risk, BOD has urged to plan WFH (work from home) launched at the first June to the half of employees. In July, all the members worked from home to ensure their health as well as implement the local prevention pandemic regulation.

Now, the pandemic has been controlled, but there are still many risks, so to ensure the health of employees, the company still organizes to work flexibly. Only about 20% of employees work directly at the office, the remaining 80% still work from home. The company moved from a working time management model to a performance management model.


SPLUS-SOFTWARE affirms capacity, overcomes challenges
Pandemic’s impact is inevitable. However, the company still achieved success which many companies desire thanks to the members’ unity, enthusiasm and sharing. It’s worth mentioning that the human resources are crowded and the growth rate is up to 30%. Although the business result did not meet the expectation, it’s still good.

With the desire to continuously improve the living standards of employees, SPLUS-SOFTWARE has good remuneration policies. Although the pandemic caused many difficulties for the company, not a single employee lost their job or had their income reduced, including some employees who took time off to treat Covid-19 disease.

Along with the development, SPLUS-SOFTWARE has also opened a new office. It has an evocative space with many modern, fully equipped and inspirational concepts, in order to create a professional working environment, meeting the goal of expanding human resources and markets.

Not until experiencing difficulties during the pandemic can we see the hearts of all members: solidarity, trust, efforts, willingness to support each other to help the company overcome difficulties and bring the company to a new position. Each individual may not be strong, but thanks to solidarity and mutual support, we will be a strong team, definitely going further on the forthcoming way.