On November 27th, 2021, SPLUS-SOFTWARE hold up the 6th Anniversary of founding the company.

This celebration has mark a milestone during 6 years of SPLUS members ‘s ceaseless activities and devotion.
During 6 years of founding and developing, SPLUS has been an outstanding progress of rising and creating its own brand at software engineering market.

From a small company with a starting size of a few dozen member, the company’s personnel has grown to more than 130+ member and is continuing to expand. However, due to the complicated development of the epidemic, the company could not organize it in a centralized manner like every year, but not because of that, this activity lost its meaning.

During a week of the birthday event, the company organized a series of activities including various minigames with the desire to create joy and excitement for all SPLUS-SOFTWARE family members. SPLUS-SOFTWARE also did not forget to express its gratitude to the SPLUS-SOFTWARE brothers and sisters – who have accompanied the company throughout the past journey through a small gift given to each member..

Sharing about his feelings after this event, a member of the company said: “Thank you very much, received gifts, and even participated in company events. Unfortunately, during the epidemic period, the company was not able to meet in large numbers, see everyone in the nearest day so that the joy is multiplied. Wish SPLUS be more and more successful, growing stronger, having more branches”

The 6-year journey of SPLUS-SOFTWARE has ended with brilliant lipstick marks. “We hope that the 6-year journey with SPLUS-SOFTWARE will be a prolonged red silk, the driving force and premise for the strong development steps of SPLUS in the coming time.”

Happy the 6th birthday company!