The long lasting Covid -19 pandemics has damaged severely on every aspect of life, such as Economy- sociology. Especially, in Ho Chi Minh city, during recent days consecutively the new cases have been continuously increased along with the implementation of social distancing have influence on business community. To overcome this challenge, many businesses have been rapidly transforming models, reorganizing production and business to adapt to the global pandemic.

Assessing situation – in front challenges

With the advantage of experienced management and taking business through the challenges in the 2020 pandemic, SPLUS-SOFTWARE has learnt a lot. Right after realizing the complicated pandemic situation, SPLUS-SOFTWARE has issued many policies, regulations and processes to ensure all business and project activities, employee benefits are not affected by WFH activities. Besides, SPLUS-SOFTWARE also detailed plan for work from home (WFH), from the Monday, June 1, 2021
During 2 months work from home, SPLUS-SOFTWARE has usually focused on ensuring work quality and employees’s spiritual life. The internet infrastructure of the company has been monitored 24/24 by the IT team. They are always quick, proactive to fix problems that occur to ensure a more efficient distribution of bandwidth to each user, limiting congestion when in use. Additionally, SPLUS-SOFTWARE also updates information by setting up a firewall, proxy for employers and employees about the level of importance as well as raising awareness of ISMS via internal newsletters.

With the principle of always upholding human values, SPLUS-SOFTWARE pays special attention to the lives of company employees during the epidemic season. Accompanied and shared with all of the employees, we have tried to support you to overcome pandemic. Besides, some activities have been organized to improve cohesion, maintain morale and create a little joy to help relieve stress. and raise determination in the context of the complicated development of the epidemic.

Grasp the chances in challenges

Despite of all of the difficulties we have encountered during work, your efforts, sense of responsibility, self-discipline and solidarity has resulted in quality as high as working in the office. Every project has been running well, ensuring on schedule and quality, satisfying customers. The company’s business situation is not only not negatively affected by the increasingly serious developments of Covid 19 in Ho Chi Minh City, but is also on the rise.

By those achievements, SPLUS-SOFTWARE will be proud to stand firm and combat the pandemic, affirm my position in the software technology market.