Covid 19 pandemic has impacted on multifaced of life. Those unprecedented days are special for SPLUS-SOFTWARE personnel.


No awakening early and traffic congestion

The most common answer that i received is: do not have to wake-up early. “I no longer wake-up early, which means that I will start with lunch. I’m too lazy to cook in the kitchen. I’m grateful for the meaningful presents from my company. – said a member. The weight gained fast leads some members to plan to go to gymnastics when HCMC is reopened. However, it makes parents busier “WFH makes me feel like I’m more “multi-functional”, working while taking care of children and doing housework, keeping me busy”


WFH and rare experience

For many other members, WFH is not difficult for them because they have been acquainted with online meetings. Thanks to WFH, you do more household chores and usually take care of the work desk. Specially, it’s an ideal time for you to learn more language skills: “I’m not confident with my language skills. Thanks to WFH, I spent 1.5- 2 hours each day learning, not too much but i gain certain knowledge.”
WFH makes you more comfortable and knowledgeable. However, SPLUS-ers are making attempts to overcome these difficulties and work more effectively . Hopefully that pandemic will quickly be over, members can come back to work to connect to all SPLUS-ers.