Sao Khue Award is a reliable and prestigious assessment program of Vietnam in the field of software and IT services established by Vietnam Software & IT Services Association – VINASA and given to the most outstanding IT products and software services of the industry. Surpassing many opponents, the IT outsourcing service of SPLUS-SOFTWARE has received the noble recognition of Sao Khue 2020.

On the 21st of March 2020, SPLUS-SOFTWARE JSC was delighted to receive Sao Khue Award of the excellent IT outsourcing services. This is the result of more than 4 years of improvement, clear determination, and non-stop efforts of every member in SPLUS-SOFTWARE JSC.

To earn this, the IT outsourcing service of SPLUS-SOFTWARE has satisfied the following categorical requirements:

  1. Innovation: IT outsourcing service of SPLUS-SOFTWARE achieved uniqueness by continuously making efforts in innovating, improving, and ensuring every individual to have the chance to exploit and express their creativity and knowledge, enabling them to take initiative in searching for and accessing to the latest techniques and technologies.
  2. Effectiveness: customers of SPLUS-SOFTWARE claimed that they have foundin SPLUS-SOFTWARE the labor skills and product quality extremely credible.
  3. Market potential: after nearly 5 years, SPLUS-SOFTWARE has succeeded in more than 100 projects for many clients in various industries, such as health care, education, transportation, airlines, ticket booking system, entertainment, finance, banking, hospitality…, proving how effectively the company gets access to and satisfies the market demands. After 4 years, in order to access the Japanese market the first branch of SPLUS-SOFTWARE JSC was officially opened in Yokohama, Japan under the name of SPLUS-JAPAN Co. Ltd.
  4. Functionality: SPLUS-SOFTWARE always catches up with the latest tech-trends in order to serve customers with the functionality, appearance and effectiveness of the products. Especially, the company has applied the latest trend in recent years for big corporations to migrate from SAP to SAP S4HANA Cloud SDK or between Out system and Java in services and products to help customers gain huge economic advantages and bring satisfaction to them.
  5. Technology and product quality: pursuing the mission statement: “enhancing customer satisfaction to be more than expectation”, SPLUS-SOFTWARE always puts product and service improvements as priorities. Learning from the business culture of one of the most well-known technologically developed countries in the world – Japan, the company is always looking forward to creating the best products as promised with customers.
  6. Revenue: founded in November 2015 as an IToutsourcingservices provider majorly aiming to Japanese market, up to now, SPLUS-SOFTWARE has been serving for 27 customers from different countries including Japan, USA, Germany, Singapore, and Vietnam, and increasing the company’s revenue by 5 times, compared to December 2016.

The 2020 Sao Khue Award is a strong motivation for SPLUS-SOFTWARE to grow, to develop, to improve, and to innovate day by day. By this recognition, SPLUS-SOFTWARE wishes to get more networks and businesses to know about, to work with, and to believe in the company, enable for more cooperation opportunities.